Independent & Hospital-based Physicians

We work for healthcare providers and streamline their billing processes and show the results in 90 days. We have a team of billing and coding experts who have an extensive experience in multi-specialty billing and coding.

We analyze your current billing patterns and provide you a billing audit report for free of cost. We analyze your old AR claims > 120 days and will let you know how many claims can be actually collected and how many has already passed the TFL.

We will collect for maximum claims in 90 days and prove our efficiency. Once you are satisfied with your old AR collections, you can decide to outsource your new claims.

who we serve

Medical Billing Companies

We are happy to be a partner resource with medical billing companies that are looking to outsource their workload works. We have been working for medical billing companies since 2006 and significantly lowered their operational cost while increasing their customer satisfaction.

We know that deciding whether or not to outsource your billing can be a challenging decision. Medical billing business requires skills, experience, confidentiality, reliability which OnecallRCM has and trusted by clients.

Your company representative can schedule an appointment and visit our office, talk to our management team, get the feedbacks from our existing clients before you take a final decision to outsource us.