OneCallRCM is introducing a revolutionary approach by providing end-to-end RCM services for Small Practice and Mid-Sized Practices to ensure providers get paid more and faster through a single partner.

Our unique approach helps you to manage the business of healthcare in every way. So, you can focus on what you love the most, i.e., providing the best healthcare and save a considerable amount of time and money at the same time.

Our Billing Experts will streamline your billing by accurate use of ICD-10 codes and claim scrubbing to validate claims that are appropriate and accurate before submission.

Revenue Cycle Management

How We Offer The Services ?

Patient DemographicsWe update the Patient demographic details including insurance information before Charge Entry
Coding ReviewWe review the coding for accuracy and modifiers based on payer guidelines and LCD and NCD policy.
Charge EntryWe guarantee an accuracy of over 98% within a 24-hour time frame of receipt.
Claim ScrubbingWe scrub the claims to ensure that all relevant information for processing is included.
Timely Claims Submission (Use your clearinghouse or a partner of ours)We process and submit the claims to the insurance company within 48-hours of receiving the patient encounter forms.
Clearinghouse RejectionsRejections are resolved within 48 hours.
Payment PostingPosting of payments received from insurance carriers and patients within 48-hours of receipt.
Reporting and Statements to PatientsWe send statements to patients for their balance due and inform Front Office staff to collect any patient balances due on day of appointment.
Denial ManagementWe address all denials within 48 hours
Accounts Receivable (A/R Follow Up)Persistent follow up on submitted claims till they are processed and closed. More than 80% of claims are resolved within 90 days
Manage Patient Phone CallsWe attend patient calls and resolve their queries regarding their balances.

Why OneCallRCM Services ?

  • 98% first-pass acceptance

  • Dedicated single-point-of contact for complete solution

  • Extensive reporting and dashboards

  • 24×7 availability with disaster recovery

  • Experienced billing professionals

  • Tremendous time/cost saving and cash flow improvement